Nisa-Nashim’s successful Sadaqa Day

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Nisa-Nashim’s successful Sadaqa Day

Sunday 26th March was Sadaqa Day, a Muslim-led day of social action. Founded in 2015 by Nisa-Nashim’s national co-chair Julie Siddiqi, Sadaqa Day takes  inspiration from Mitzvah Day, a Jewish led day of social action that happens once a year in November in the UK and other parts of the world, and encourages those who wish to volunteer to get together with their local community for one day of volunteering. Several Nisa-Nashim groups across the country got involved in Sadaqa Day – we have set out a small selection below. The day was a huge success – huge well done to Julie and her team and to all of our Nisa-Nashim groups who got involved. We hope it has inspired some of you to do more social action activities with your groups in the future.

Click here to view a short video about the day.


Our South-West London group got together to cook for Faith In Action in Merton  – looks like lots of fun was had all round!


Our Bournemouth Nisa-Nashim group arranged for food collections to be held at both a local synagogue and mosque, and then donated to the Bournemouth & Poole Food banks. They were even featured in the local paper for their efforts!

Our brand new West London Nisa-Nashim group kicked things off with a collection for Street Lytes, a charity that supports homeless people by hosting a drop in dinner every Monday. Collections were made outside local shops and a staggering amount was collected for this worthy cause.

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