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Grassroots development

Nisa-Nashim is supporting and nurturing the grassroots development of safe, inclusive groups of women to meet, interact and share positive experiences together.

Our special interest groups are being developed by women who see a benefit to networking with like-minded women in the same professional field or area of interest.

Our current special interest groups include:

Nisa-Nashim Teachers

A group for Jewish and Muslim women educational professionals to work together to promote interfaith collaboration and dialogue by taking the work of Nisa-Nashim into schools.. and to have fun together too!

Co-Chairs: Ruth Finkel and Rukhsana Yacqoob


Nisa-Nashim Journalists

This group has not yet launched, but welcomes new members to be involved when it does!

Co-Chairs: Vicki Belovski and Saba Zaman


We’re also establishing new groups all the time and are developing:

  • A young professionals  group in the City
  • London-based Medical or Biosciences students
  • A Nisa-Nashim Book Group

If you’d like to be involved in one of these or start a new group then please get in touch!