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About Nisa-Nashim

Nisa-Nashim is bringing the Jewish and Muslim communities in Britain closer together by setting up groups of women who build personal friendships, grow as leaders and benefit wider society through our programmes and initiatives.

A society in which misconceptions of those who are different from us are eradicated, specifically in relation to gender and religion.

Our mission is to bring our communities together and promote ways in which Jewish and Muslim women can understand that their similarities are greater than their differences, through a range of shared initiatives that support their leadership journeys and encourage them to form meaningful personal relationships, while benefiting the wider society in which they live. We place strong emphasis on the importance of role modelling – as women, as leaders and as partners, and seek to promote the positive work of Nisa-Nashim to the next generation to combat evolving misconceptions.

  • To bring our communities together through the women
  • To foster leadership skills and feelings of empowerment in women
  • To address some of the misconceptions in wider society about Jewish and Muslim relationships